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Have you ever tried to create a website yourself?
Yes   No
Did you find that even though you worked for days, filling in the template, you could never create that professional look you were going for?
 Yes   No
And are you still messing around with templates and getting disappointing results?
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Even though you feel like you should look professional?
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Unfortunately, I know your problem all too well. Having started many new businesses, myself, I've struggled with justifying the cost of a made-for-you website and used my fair share of templates.
With templates, you usually run into one of the following problems:
While they may look nice on the surface, they always have some feature that you don't want and missing a section you do want. You spend hours trying to delete and add, but it never looks the same afterward. The results are always a bit shoddy.
Whenever you look at a template, it says things like, "headline here" or "call to action." The worst is that ever pervasive, "Lorem ipsum..." crap. You never know what to write and you're unsure if it has the kind of flow that you need to keep your customers interested.
If you're taking the time to build your own website, you don't want it to look like everyone else. You want it to look like you and your business. Unless you're a graphics designer, you'll never get that website to look as good as the template, but if you didn't change the graphics, you'd look like everyone else.
Where does that leave you?
Feeling frustrated about the time and money you're wasting on a website that's supposed to make you look more professional, but instead looks like an amateur created it.
Of course, you could always pay a web developer to make your website for you.
However, that comes with its own set of problems:
Web developers come with varying price tags. The good ones usually start in the thousands and that's just for a simple, one pager. Forget complexity. You just want to test your idea, so you'll end up settling and paying for it.
If you're fortunate enough to find someone who is willing to charge a lower rate, even in the hundreds, you have to be careful. Most of them charge a low fee up front but their back-end pricing is going to be high. And if you don't pay it, they take down your website and you lose all the money you've spent and the hard work you put into creating something fabulous.
Who Am I
& How Do I Know All This?
Hi, I'm Bobby Glen James, and I was once in your shoes.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I've been involved in over 50 different startups. I've lost lots of money and I've made a lot more. I know what it takes to turn an idea into money. I've spent countless hours of my time working on my own and with professional web developers to create websites for my business ideas. But I’m not here to pitch you on myself. I’ve put together a team of professional web developers who are amazing at what they do.

Over the years, I've experienced all the same frustrations you have when it comes to creating websites.
Creating a website that makes you look like a legitimate business takes a lot of time and effort.
You have to choose your web developing software.
You have to choose the template you're going to follow.
You have to come up with your own copy and your own images for the website.
And then the real work begins by putting it all together and not only making it beautiful, but functional.

It's depressing, because up until now, you've only had 2 options:

     1.    You could save money by creating something that looks like you made it in high school

    2.    You could pay out the nose for a web developer who will make it look amazing
The good news is that today, there's a better option!
...AND it'll look just as professional as the expensive websites without the price tag...


Sales Site is a language builder tool that walks you through each section of your website to say the right thing to keep your prospect interested, and when you're done, you have a completely developed website that is both beautiful and functional.

Even if you're...
•  Not a web developer
  Selling services, not products
  In a unique niche
Just answer a few questions about your business and create your very own sales site, regardless of your industry, skill level, service, or product. That's why I said Sales Sites are a secret weapon. We make the process of creating websites easy, in a way that is affordable for any budding business and makes you look PROFESSIONAL.
Sales Sites Establish Credibility Using a Proven Marketing Format for Your Website
Great online marketers like Russell Brunson and Peng Joon have one thing in common. They have simple websites that share their story and walk their prospects through a journey. We've studied these greats and countless more to create the flow that we use with every sales site.
Not only will your website look professional, but it will have the power to convert visitors to buyers.
Want to save time and money on a website for your business idea? 
Most web developers take weeks, even months to deliver a complete product. We've perfected our process to be able to deliver your Sales Site to you in 24 hours from submission. We save money by creating websites quickly and efficiently. And we pass those savings on to you.
Need to look professional when you pitch your idea? 
Better than a business card that barely shares your contact information and maybe a tagline, your website tells people who you are and what you're selling. Not only does having a website make it easy to buy from you, but many people won't even do business with you unless you have one.
Looking for a website to create business revenue for you? 
Get really specific about what you are selling and why your prospects want it. Your prospects will see a call-to-action peppered throughout your web page that gives them a chance to buy the moment they are ready.
With Sales Site, you'll get a fully developed, professional website created from our Sales Site language builder tool and tailored to your business.

Meaning you'll get a web page that will guide your prospects down the know, like, trust path with ample opportunities to take action.

If You Can Type, You Can Create Professional Websites with Sales Sites
Sales Sites is so simple, you can create an online presence no matter your skill level.

You don't need to know anything about creating websites.

You don't need to be a graphics designer.

You don't even need to understand how to market effectively!
Anyone can create ridiculously amazing websites in just 3 simple steps: 
1. Access the Sales Site builder - we pick the layout for you (based on how you answer the questions) so you don't even have to do that 
2. Answer Questions about your business and product offering - you can also provide your own custom graphics and videos if you want 
3. Submit - You'll have a customized website delivered to you in within 24 hours that's yours to keep, tweak, and manage!
Control the Future of Your Business
Imagine if you took the time to create a website and you couldn't make any changes without paying someone to do it. Every adjustment, every tweak, even just fixing some language cost you and your business money.

That's why we hand over the keys when we deliver your sales site to you. Add or change your images. Play with your sales language to optimize efficiencies. Add to it, remove from it, updated it however you like, or not at all. After all, it already looks great!
 A professionally developed website to establish credibility and turn prospects into clients ($500 value)
 1-year of Web Hosting - Don't pay separately to host your website ($180 value)

 A 1-year FREE subscription to the Easiest, Drag-N-Drop web developing software you will ever use ($240 value)

 Professional Email Generator - Create a professional email account that matches your web domain (included with subscription)

 Email Marketing Campaigns - Send emails to your prospects without lifting a finger (included with subscription)

 Drag-n-Drop Funnel Builder Tool - Web funnels, like this one allow you make the most use of ads. Make money while you sleep (included with subscription)
But That's Not All...
Try Sales Sites Today
& You'll Also Receive a Special Bonus
Order today and you'll receive FREE exclusive access to our Side Hustle training videos -- a $350 value! These videos teach successful strategies for growing and maximizing your side business without interrupting your main revenue stream. These 10 hours of video are equivalent to thousands of dollars of business coaching. By combining the business know-how you'll receive in these videos with a Sales Sites professional website, you'll have the power to CREATE THE FREEDOM YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED

Read what our clients have to say about their experience with Stampede's Sales Site:

“I had a website before Stampede's Sales Site, but I wanted something that I could be proud to show prospects and existing clients. Stampede was easy to work with and the quality of their work is amazing. Not only did I get what I was looking for, but their Sales Site questionnaire made me realize that I had been looking at my business all wrong. Now I'm more focused on how I want my customers to see us.”


Salt Lake City, UT

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Co-founder at Company

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Person Name

Co-founder at Company

Sales Site Is a Bargain
When you consider everything you get with Sales Site...
Total Value     -   $1,270.00
...Sales Site is an incredible value.
Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the question is.

Can you afford NOT to use Sales Site and continue…

...trying to squeeze your business and ideas into a dumb template

...paying exorbitant fees for a professionally crafted website

...not feeling confident in your website, because it doesn't look good enough

...struggling to make it in a digital world

Consider the cost of NOT acting today.

Now that I've said that, I'm ready to reveal the price...

My team is busy creating complex websites and implementing elaborate marketing strategies for big businesses, but I started this business to make life better for the entrepreneurs out there who are just starting out. From the beginning I wanted to find a way to give you a fighting chance. That's why I spent years developing this format and perfecting it so I can deliver at a fraction of the cost my regular clients are paying. 

Typically, a Sales Site goes for $500.00 
I know a total give-away right?

Because 2020 was so hard on most people and small businesses, I literally wanted to give it away. But I have employees that need to get paid for their work..

so I'm making it available for just $200.00
Web developers defined this market, not the consumer.
I've spoken with other web developers and checked pricing the way you would as a beginning business with a tight budget. The cheapest that I could find out there to even come close to the incredible value that we give you is about $700. The average price for a customized website that is equivalent to a Sales Site is $1500. 

And with all of those web developers, they want you to provide them the copy for the website without any guidance or assistance. To make it even worse, the turn-around time is typically 3 months after you deliver your copy.

 Sales Sites deliver the same results in a fraction of the time and we guide you through the process of creating copy that matches your business. And we do it all for an unbeatable price.

Test your Idea TODAY 
with a Sales Site

I don't know how long we'll be able to sustain this incredible discount, so ACT NOW before our prices go back up. If all you got was the bonus, it would be worth your investment with a value of $350. Combine the bonus training with the Sales Site and you put yourself on the path to some wicked success.


ONLY $200


This offer will expire
If you're not completely satisfied with the professional results you get from your Sales Site, every penny of your purchase will be refunded, no questions asked.